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Neil Young Working On A New Sci-Fi Novel - ( Neil Young is more than just a prolific folk-rock icon: He’s a movie star, tech entrepreneur and writer whose autobiography Waging Heavy Peace earned him comparisons to Stephen King. While Young promotes his new film Paradox (directed by his girlfriend Daryl Hannah) at SXSW in Austin, he revealed that he’s working on another book—and this time, it’s a sci-fi novel. He treated fans to a brief synopsis of the work, titled Canary. According to the “Unknown Legend” singer, the story follows “a guy who gets busted for a crime.” The protagonist uncovers corruption at the power company where he works and sabotages their plot. “He discovers the solar company he works for is a hoax,” Young said. “And they’re not really using solar. They’re using this s–t – the guy who’s doing this has come up with a way to make bad fuel, the bad energy, this really ugly terrible stuff, and he’s figured out a way to genetically create these animals that s–t, that gives the energy to make the [fuel]. So he’s created this new species. But the species escapes. So it’s a f—in’ mess. It’s a long story. So it’s a novel.” The futuristic world includes tech innovations like glasses that “broadcast everything that he sees” so adversaries “are watching everything he’s doing and listening to everything.” Young says he has a literary agent and will spend this year finishing Canary.

Stone Temple Pilots Guitarist Talks New Album, Band’s Future - (Gibson) Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo recently spoke with Guitar World about a range of topics. Asked how the band’s new self-titled album related to STP’s previous work, DeLeo offered a positive assessment. “I like to think everyone’s playing has evolved with this record,” he said. “Everyone has evolved into a new place and has gotten better. Robert [DeLeo, the band's bassist] actually said something about the album recently that was beautiful. He said, 'This record breathes resilience.'” DeLeo also expressed admiration for how STP’s new singer, Jeff Gutt, has integrated himself into the band. “I think … he wants to honor our catalog with the utmost dignity and respect, and he does just that,” observed DeLeo. “For us, we’re just as thrilled about delving into this new material with him. He's an extraordinary singer and we've very fortunate to have met one another.” Earlier this month the group kicked off a tour in support of the new album, which will be released this Friday (March 16). DeLeo said he sees good times ahead as STP moves forward. “I'm excited about the future and about the next album and the one after that,” he said. “Mostly? I'm excited to get out and play these songs for our friends and the people who dig what we do.”

Alice Cooper In 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Trailer - (Gibson) Jesus Christ Superstar is coming to your TV, and now we’ve got your first look. Sara Bareilles, Alice Cooper and John Legend star in a new trailer for the live TV special, set to air on NBC Easter Sunday (April 1). The clip reveals Bareilles as Mary Magdalene, Cooper as King Herod, and Legend in the title role. “Superstar,” the most famous and recognizable song from the classic Andrew Lloyd Weber/Tim Rice musical, serves as the soundtrack for the trailer.

Documentary Being Filmed For Final Warped Tour - (antimusic) The Warped Tour is coming to end this summer after twenty-four years and organizers have announced that they will be releasing an official documentary. We were sent the following details: Anthem Films, Dola Media Group and the staff at Vans Warped Tour have teamed up for the official Vans Warped Tour documentary, which will hopefully be released at the end of 2017. The documentary will be a 4-part series chronicling the rise, the fall, and the future of the tour and will be filmed during the tour's final expedition this summer. Director DJay Brawer of Anthem Films grew up in the Warped Tour ecosystem. "I've been a fan of the Vans Warped Tour since nearly the beginning," explains Brawner. "I'm honored to be able to play a part in telling the history of such an iconic tour that not only shaped my life, but shaped the lives of so many. Working with Kevin, the Warped Team, Dola, and Anthem Films has already been a great experience, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this project will take us." "Dola Media is thrilled and honored to co- produce the official Vans Warped Tour documentary. Its meaning and place in music history is undeniable, and working directly with its visionary founder Kevin Lyman is a fan's dream come true," states Lauren Veteri of Dola Media. 

Metallica is Giving Back - (Gibson) Metallica are auctioning off band merchandise and fun experiences to aid their All Within My Hands charity foundation. Some of the cool experiences include tickets and meet-and-greets for sold-out Metallica gigs in Prague and Munich, passes to the San Francisco Giants' Metallica night at AT&T Park and more. An extra sweet item is an autographed drumhead that the band used while recording their album Self-Destruct. An autographed copy of the Kill 'Em All reissue box set is also up for grabs. On the first Tuesday of each month, the band will put new items up for auction. For information and to participate, head to All Within My Heads has provided funding for natural disaster recovery in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Mexico City and Northern California, and the foundation has also given to food banks and military vets.

Upgrade Your Car To Play ‘Africa’ Every Time You Start It - ( Starting your car is one of those mundane experiences most people overlook. You get in, stick your key in the ignition, and suffer the annoying tone telling you to close the door already. For YouTube used Chris NG, that just wasn’t going to work. So he utilized his hacking skills to upgrade his car to play something far better than that annoying door chime. Cue Toto’s “Africa.” The Volvo enthusiast built a module that plays Toto’s timeless 1982 jam every time he sticks the key into the ignition of his Volvo 240. Best of all, he’s building more of them to share with the world. Ng has started a Kickstarter page to raise the money to make the car door chimes, although he hasn’t specified if they’ll come loaded with Toto’s “Africa” (likely due to copyright issues). Needless to say, NG’s Kickstarter has been quite popular, blowing past the original $5000 goal in just three days.


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